Dear Android users who are now on Instagram, I would like to have a word with you- Here’s one tip


Instagram isn’t about sharing photos to twitter, Facebook and/or other social networks. It might seem like a nice little photo sharing/distribution app, but it is also a social network on its own. Read on to know what these tips are all about.
No, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share photos to other networks. It’s the contrary, I believe that you should do it. Beautiful moments are for sharing and to inspire others- share them if you find it appropriate. ;)
What concerns me is the content and frequency. Instagram is about sharing beautiful moments in a colourful, expressive fashion to like-minded people who are also on the network. Don’t put on Instagram everything you see, just for the sake of sharing. It is also more artsy than informative. :) Latvians have this have this wise proverb- talking is silver, being silent is gold.
When thinking about frequency- it’s like twitter. Too much noise will result in unfollows. 3 photos a day is enough and don’t post them one after another.* Mobile phone screens are as big as they are and no one likes to browse through 10 photos with no context just to see more than one person’s posts. The saying from previous paragraph applies here as well.

For casual, informative photos use twitter’s own picture hosting or the services you used previously- that should do the trick.

Don’t feel frustrated, you’ll get it. There is enough photos to take for all of us! ;) I hope I didn’t put anyone down.

* This is in no way obligatory, just a number from the top of my mind. If you believe you have more to share and it will be taken willingly by your instagram followers- go on and share!

P.s. For the sake of simplicity I didn’t go into too much details- ask you questions and leave your thoughts in comment’s section!