Facebook: How to fix wall post with wrong copy (without deleting it)

This is from personal experience – yesterday I saw a wall post with picture which had a special offer on it, but the copy of this wall post had different price for that offer. Since I already knew about this offer for a while, I thought that it was made even better/updated, but they hadn’t bothered to update the visual – so I went to check it out.

It turned out that the copy was wrong. I sent a message to the corresponding brand’s (they’re active on facebook, it’s an international brand) facebook page to point this out.

The response was polite, well timed (I sent the message at 5pm, got the reply at 7pm) and left a good impression. What surprised me, was one sentence (translated from Latvian): “Yes, we know about this and we already replied about this to everyone in the comments about this. We might pull the post tomorrow to publish another one – with a corrected copy.”

This made me wonder – how many brands with serious (or less serious) attitude towards social media could be out there that don’t know that it takes 30 seconds to correct the wall post’s copy (if it’s with picture) without deleting it?

So there’s how to do it. This will work for already published wall posts with pictures, galleries (wall post contain gallery descriptions – you can fix them) and if I’m not wrong, videos. Both for personal profiles and Facebook pages. This will not work with status updates.

Lets assume that you have published picture and the you notice that the copy is wrong. In the example below, the sentence next to the picture actually isn’t a mistake (this is a screenshot from page’s wall). What to do?


First, open the picture (or gallery, or video) in the facebook’s lightbox. New window also will work, but the buttons will be under the picture, not next to it.


Locate the button “Edit” under the same copy and click on it.


now you can edit the picture’s description, tag people, location and time of capture or just a relevant date to put in the right place on timeline. Right now we are more interested in the copy. 


Just type your corrections, as I have done with mine and click “Done Editing”. That’ll save your changes.


And you’ll see them right there.


Close the lightbox and refresh the page. The post on your wall will have the changed copy and so will your fans see the correct version both in their facebook streams and your timeline.


Happy facebooking! ;)

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