How Facebook’s unique visitor numbers could turn into self-fulfilling prophecy

This post is about: comScore have just released data implying that Facebook’s unique visitor numbers are dropping. See the TNW article here:

If the trend of fewer unique visitors will continue, it can turn into pretty ugly scene in a very short period of time. Here are a few directions in which it could go down:

a) Marketers stop (minimise) investing their dollars in Facebook
b) Marketers start to push their brand fans for sales, to justify their expenses in eyes of their companies (users will really hate this)
c) Other users start visiting less frequently (you hear that less people are using something, it makes you wonder)
d) Content becomes less interesting, since anyone is leaving anyways (who cares about my actions here- everybody is leaving anyways)
e) Everybody remembers the MySpace case and freaks out
f) Everybody already is talking about how Facebook’s IPO flopped and the constantly bad press really doesn’t help their case

Of course, maybe this is just an exception and Facebook has some cards up their sleeve. It might be the case.
Maybe Facebook has a plan to turn into a permanent web “backbone” for user identities which collects their life stories from everywhere- in that case they could become an ad serving platform (since they would know their users really well).

There are quite a lot of options for such a giant like Facebook.

We’ll have to wait and see.