IMDB.COM – opportunity to be a great tool & niche social network

This actually disturbs me on regular basis. I am a registered member of GetGlue, but I haven’t logged in to the service for a pretty long time (for the sake of this post I did, but you get what I’m talking about). On the other hand, I regularly use– I browse “top” lists for movies I haven’t seen. I’m not a big fan of “liking” things and checking in to movies or TV shows. I see myself as a more practical person. I’m more of a guy who could say something like this: “I have seen this movie and I really liked it- what should I watch next?” or “Wow, this actor is cool, are there other big budget movies with him?”.

So what’s the fix that could make much more better for me?

The only way of making lists I have noticed while browsing is adding movies to watchlist. That’s it. Where’s the tick-box for movies I have already seen? Dear imdb, most movies that you recommend me (and precisely, most of recommended movies were truly enjoyable) I have already seen.

Such list for movies I’ve seen combined with recommendations would instantly turn into movie discovery tool and a great service. And I’m fully aware & sure that I would use such option to the fullest. There are only so much great movies, please help me to disover them! This also makes a great opportunity for other gamification tools which would make even more pleasant to visit.

One more- show me the top movies between my friends and people I follow on twitter, let them curate movie lists, etc. Be proactive, don’t wait until GetGlue or some other startup surpasses you!

Getglue? I don’t trust them. When I was testing the service it gave a lot of dublicates and images that were scraped from somewhere. Missing information & other flaws make it unworthy my trust. But on the other hand is web’s most trusted source of information regarding movies & tv shows.