Startup idea presented by me at @TechHubRiga meetup: Vintage clothes app



Women love vintage clothes & shoes, but there is no convenient way for them to exchange these goods online. Of course, classified ads sites can be used, but they are robust and and are not user friendly. The clothes & shoes are being presented in ugly way which doesn’t create positive or fun experience.


There clearly is market since there are vintage events which gather thousands of women who buy and sell these clothes. Information about these events is being distributed via social networks- it means that these women are also socially savvy.


Mobile app which implements all the functions of classified ads site + adds SoLoMo features to the process.

For starters, it is clear that full publishing of such ads can be done on almost any kind of smartphone. And more, in controlled environment (in this case- mobile app) through various mechanics it is possible to make the content better – for example- in phase of taking photos with shadowlines of expected pictures we can motivate user to take photos from our desired angles, which ensures that photos of products are taken in consistent manner and provide better experience for anyone who browses through, let’s say, shoes.

The same goes for adding sizes, special features and other data to the advertisment.

Full integration for sharing the ads on social networks should be implemented as well, so user can use his/her network to spread the word about the goods available.

Using mobile app adds one more benefit over simple classified ads site- it’s easy leveraging of location data. So both seller and buyer can use the benefits of location based service- seller sets the selling place (where buyers can receive the goods), but buyers can browse things according to his/her location. The delivery of goods would happen on the site hand to hand- that would add a social aspect and possibility of networking by bringing together people with similar interests.

The biggest beneficiaries of the app would be the buyers- possibility to enter (and save, of course) user’s preferred sizes, tipes of clothing he/she is interested in and possibility to have a network of favourite sellers and/or people with similar tastes. (there should be a way to favourite or “like” the clothes & shoes) Of course, the location is serious benefit as well- it’s a chance to buy from locals and not to increase our carbon footprint becouse of ones desire for cool stuff.

By creating a fun & effective ways of browsing these things, in my humble opinion, such app could make it.

Where’s the money?

a) Various ways of advertisements can be used- we know pretty much about end users- what they like, where they are

b) In app payment systems can be introduced (micro payments for posting items, extra features, etc.)

c) Donations can be encouraged with promise to support women health organisations

If you have any comments or questions- use the comments section- I will be happy to answer.