The dangerous desire to believe in the next big thing

From time to time there comes a rising star, which quickly gets picked up by social media enthusiasts, news sites, advertisers and soon after there already are some creative „pilot” campaigns. While these campaigns create buzz around them and are great examples of creativity and benefits to being a pioneer, others quietly come to conclusion that this actually might be the next big thing (which might grow into mainstream thing). This is the dangerous part- while these first pioneers have gained momentum, their more subtle followers might end up empty-handed when the hours of work will be for nothing and the next new big thing will drown in limbo.

It’s easy to believe that some new tool will somehow fix all the communication problems and turn your company into a social media superstar. This thought can also be very deceiving. The truth is- you already have all the tools you need to communicate with your audience at your disposal. You have e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, phone, foursquare (if you have a physical location(s)) and phone. If you can’t manage & build your audience with these tools, the problem might very well lie within you, not any of these channels.

Data is what should guide you when you decide about long-term goals involving social media. Using social media and content without precise data and strategy is a gamble. Would you risk 1/8 of your salary on the gamble that your Pinterest activity will be worth it after a year or two? That’s what you do when you spend an hour of your day there.

Being the first is overrated. It’s being the best that counts.