Where Twitter beats Foursquare in local pt.1

Foursquare is THE service, when we think about the combination of local and mobile. No discussions on that. Nonetheless, there are areas where foursquare falls short and twitter is there to beat them. This is the first part – from user’s perspective.

Live conversations on the spot

Foursquare might connect people via locations, but they are connecting only those who are already connected. This is a big miss. In my opinion, all those Highlight, Circle and other services are doing the exact thing foursquare should already be doing. They should spark new connections based on locations. They have these feedback (tip) fields- but they are dead. They’re like stone walls where rarely anyone writes anything. Fresh conversations about experiences would’ve been much more useful, engaging & fun.

Since twitter turned off the feature in their mobile app to see nearby tweets on map, I’ve been looking around to find a tool which would let me see those nearby conversations. Other twitter apps let me see tweets which are made from “nearby”, but they are not on map and quite often they’re not near enough. I mean, they sometimes are picked up from different cities and from couple of days ago.

When big events are happening, there are hashtags and sometimes you can search the location’s name to find and aconnect to people nearby, but rarely anyone would call this a great user experience. And this is something average person would rarely think of doing.

This is something foursquare should think about. Users would appreciate