Why Facebook’s purchase of Instagram might be a good thing after all

Instagram has been a kind of a phenomenon in a mobile photography niche. 30 million users, +1M on the day the Android app was introduced and other impressive numbers we have all read all around the web. But why it actually could be a good thing for users that Facebook bought Instagram?
All those previous numbers are big and impressive, but they doesn’t change the fact that Instagram will eventually have to find a way(s) to monetize. Be it in-app purchases, ads or whatnot, they will have to find their way of earning dollars.
And I believe that this is the one thing which Facebook is good at. At least comparing to other sites and social networks. They have found ways how to show relevant ads on their own sites and not to disturb the users too much. They yet have to find the best ways how to advertise companies on mobile within their app, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something that’ll change the way how we look at ads once again.
And it’ll be extremely important for Instagram to find very effective ways how to solve this. The mobile screen sizes are limited and Instagram’s core is photos which take up pretty much of space on these screens. It’ll be hard to squeeze advertisments in that limited space in a way that doesn’t push users away.

Good luck to Instagram & Facebook on achieving this!